"Rolling Feeder" Large Treat Dispenser Dog Toy



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Does your dog always require all your attention? This Interactive Chew Toy will release you from the duty to entertain your pet. This toy gives the dog hours of joyful pastime. Filled with kibbles, it can serve as a treat dispenser, so your furry friend will have fun while eating. Through struggling for the food, the dog's mental and physical abilities are stimulated as well.

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Key features of this Treat Dog Ball:

  • can hold various treats or kibble
  • made of nearly indestructible material
  • perfect for great chewers
  • free of harmful substances
  • encourages a dog to play
  • reduces separation anxiety and boredom behavior
  • cares of your dog's dental hygiene
  • easy to wash

Intended use of this Treat Dog Ball:

  • having fun
  • dental hygiene

Sizes available:

  • large - 4 1/5 x 5 inches (11 x 13 cm)
  • weight -1 lb 1 oz

Available colors:

  • may vary

The process of eating will become more pleasant and healthy with this treat dispenser, which involves the dog into a challenging mealtime. Due to the special design with inner compartment fo treats, it's difficult enough to get the food out. Your dog should use all his mental and physical abilities. The toy provides dental hygiene for a dog and massages his gums. Being made of special durable rubber, the toy is resistant to dog’s bites and at the same time safe for his health, as it doesn't contain any harmful substances. Constant chewing influences positively the dog's mood, thus anxious behavior is greatly reduced.

Type Chew Dog Toy
Material rubber
Color red
Intended Use chewing and playing
Dimensions 4 1/5 x 5 inch (11 x 13 cm)
Nylon String no
Dog Breeds Recommendations large dog breeds

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