Genuine Leather Barbed Wire Modish Dog Muzzle for Dog Training

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Leather Wire Painted Extraordinary Dog Muzzle for Dog

Do you want to protect your dog during attack/agitation training or just regular walking?
Do you want him/her to look more chic and stylish during these activities?

Then we are happy to present you Hand Painted Exclusively Leather Dog Muzzle that is extremely strong, durable and long-servicing. The front part of this Wire Painted Muzzle has a straight leather strap equipped with a steel bar that is glued and stitched for additional durability during agitation work. This gear is duly reinforced to maintain its integrity under extreme agitation.

It was specially designed for those dog owners and dog trainers who seek for their dog's safety, comfort and protection. This gear will also underline Dog’s strength, power and braveness. To increase comfort we padded this muzzle with a special nose padding from inside, so that Dog can have no problems with chafing and the muzzle can perfectly fit his/her snout. Three straps with buckles assure quite quick and easy fixation. Their width is rather sufficient for eliminating any cutting into the dog’s snout.

You can rely on this Multipurpose Muzzle, because it has all features that a good training muzzle should have.

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  • Training Leather Dog Muzzle with Perfect VentilationDog Muzzle Leather Designer perfect for Dog Attack Training
  • Hand Painted Leather Dog Muzzle for Dog TrainingLeather Dog Muzzle Properly Ventilated Comfortable for Dog Training

Worth buying this Painted Dog Muzzle because it:

  • is made of 100% dog safe materials
  • is non-toxic
  • is non-allergic
  • is extra durable
  • has steel bar for safe training
  • has nose padding
  • is securely riveted
  • allows barking to a certain degree

Spheres of use of this Modish Leather Painted Dog Muzzle:

  • attack / agitation training
  • protection training
  • walking in style
  • socializing
  • obedience training

Sizes available:

  • over 3 sizes available (the size depends upon the dog's gender and age)

Available colors:

  • wire paint on black

How to measure your Dog for good fit exclusive Dog Muzzle:

How to measure your dog
Length: Distance from the tip of the nose to eye line in inches
Circumference: Around snout one inch below eye line in inches
Eye Line: Distance from eye line to the point right behind the ears
Neck Circumference: Circumference around neck behind ears in inches
Width: Snout width in the widest part
Height: Snout height , should be measured with mouth a little open

Let’s go through more precise information 

As any other product our company produces, this one is made of high qualitative solid leather. It is quite weather-resistant. But we still recommend our customers not to leave such products under direct sun rays, or plunge into the water with no special need.

We use only natural leather so it is rather durable, partly waterproof, resistant to fungal attack, resistant to dry abrasion and is pleasant to wear. All these aspects mean that the risk of allergy, deformation or tearing is minimized.

The whole construction has special holes. These holes are aimed for proper circulation of an air thus your pet won’t have any problems with breathing even while training, running, walking etc.

This Unbelievable Muzzle painting gives an impression of strength, power, significance and is just very beautiful.

We want to assure you that firstly we think about your dog's health, because it is a prerogative. And only then we add design and all supporting amenities.

Material leather
Color painted
Intended Use pro training, obedience training, safe walking, vet visiting, socializing your dog
Dog Breeds Recommendations large and medium dog breeds
Padding felt
Adjustable Straps yes

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